Yoga: Legs Up The Wall

Legs up the Wall

The easiest way to start  including yoga into your everyday life is to practise  “Legs Up The Wall” before bed time for instance. I love its healing process of cleansing and calming the body.

You can turn to this restorative pose as soon as you feel stressed, worried or tired. (And just surrender to its soothing effects.)

How To?

Just relax and lie on your back in front of a wall. Your sit bones should be as close as possible to the wall: The wall is here to support you. Now, rest your legs vertically. Breathe. And remember that this pose should be really comfortable. So no effort should be required to hold the pose. Hang out there and start feeling the health benefits of this asana!

Health Benefits:

It may help regulate your blood flow. You’ve been standing on your feet all day long. Give them a break and reverse the effects of gravity!

It can improve your digestion.

It will calm your mind and help you reach a meditative state.

It might relieve insomnia symptoms.



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