Tips For A Good Night Sleep

Planche Alizée (2)

When I was anxious or worried, I used to take 2 to 3 hours before being able to sleep! And then it would become a vicious circle: Less sleep, more exhaustion, more worries, less sleep, etc.


During my yoga teacher training, I learned some “life changing” tricks to fall asleep in a softer and natural way… I tried them several times… and it worked!!! (despite all the fuzzy noise of thoughts that were passing through my mind!).

Here are the tips:

1- IF YOU CAN, avoid using a computer or a phone just before going to bed (ok… that one is the most difficult one… Confession: I can never manage to do it since I need my computer for my work and studies.. that I can only perform late at night).

2- IF YOU WANT, you can set a cosy routine. Eg: Drinking a warm herbal tea before lying down in your bed.

3- TRY to sleep in a dark room since the melatonin hormone (that helps regulate sleep) is allowed in darkness (but inhibited by light).

4- Now… the tricks that really worked for me: First, check that the LEFT NOSTRIL is the active one before going to bed (you can check it by putting your hand in front of your nose and see through which nostril you are exhaling).

If the right nostril is the one working… you have to open the left one.

To do so: Place a soft tissue under the right armpit. Inhale through the right nostril (at the same time block the left one with your right pinky). Exhale through the left one (at the same time, block the right one with your right thumb). (This is one breathing technique that we learned in the Pranayama class… And it really worked for me! Such a simple way to unblock a nostril!!).

5- Then, fall asleep on your RIGHT side. Not the left one.

I hope it can help some of you!

Sleep tight!

PS: Tell me if that worked!


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