How to regrow food?





Good news guys! You can regrow some food from the scraps you would usually throw away! How cool is that? You can both save money and reduce your kitchen waste!

Here are some examples of food that you can replant and grow from leftovers:


Green onionsIMG_4831

Let the “white” parts of the green onions soak in a glass of water. Keep your glass in direct sunlight for about 10 days. Wait and see for the roots to appear. Nature is amazing!





Lay the celery bottom in a glass with some water. Place the glass near a window, or under the sun. Before transplanting the celery into the soil, wait for the roots to grow.



IMG_3979       IMG_3635

Cut the top of the pineapple off and  put it in a glass full of water. Again, keep your pineapple under the sun (and in a warm environment…). When the roots appear, you can transplant it (you will have to wait about 2 years though before picking your first fruit).


Baby Kale

Cut the bottom of your kale bunch and let it soak in water. Keep it under the sun.

Note: So far, I have only been able to gather baby leaves. But I’m happy with that anyway as they were soft and tasty!

Fennel (similar to the celery)


Lettuce (similarly to kale, you will mostly pluck baby lettuce leaves…)


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