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Fall is here… Wintertime is approaching. That means we’ll be less exposed to the sunlight, ie that our skin will go whiter and whiter. I’m not used to it. I grew up on an island and even if I’ve no longer been living there for more than 6 years, I cannot get used to not having a tanned skin!

So during winter time, I’ll try to get a natural tan look anyhow.

The beta-carotene in carrot, sweet potato and urucu(m) is my best friend during this time of the year! Ok, well… I usually eat them… but today, I’ll suggest another way to get your beta-carotene shot. We’ll devise a beta-carotene-rich facial oil. Yay to a natural tanned skin!




– 25 ml of carrot oil (I used Melvita’s organic oil which consists of macerated carrots in sunflower oil)

– 25 ml of jojoba oil ( I used Melvita’s organic one)

– One or two drops of tea tree essential oil

– One handful of organic dried calendula flowers

– 5 urucum seeds (I bought Sol Semilla’s urucum)


How to: 

It’s what I call an easy-peasy preparation!

First mix both carrot and jojoba oils.

Then, you have to infuse the calendula flowers and the urucum seeds in this oil mixture. To do so, let the calendula flowers and the urucum sit into the carrot and jojoba oils for about 10 days (keep it in a dark and cool place).

After those 10 days, you can strain your -now- golden oil and add the drops of tea tree essential oil.

Voilà! It’s done.


Happy pampering!



Beauty Benefits:

– The carrot oil -which consists of macerated carrots in sunflower oil- will provide your skin with plenty of pro-vitamin A (you will be grateful for its reparing properties and grateful for the natural golden tan that will be left on your skin!) and E (say hello to a nice and moisturized skin).

Jojoba oil moisturizes the skin very well and softens it. Jojoba oil is also known to be compatible with the skin as its composition is similar to our sebum.

– Tea tree essential oil is said to purify the skin and to balance the skin sebum production.

– Calendula flowers may help repair your skin. Scares seem to be soothed and neutralized after applying calendula oil on it.

Urucum is high in beta-carotene and has anitoxidizing properties. It may slow the ageing process of the cells. Adding it to this facial treatment will also contribute to the natural golden tan effect.





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