ADRENAL NUTELLA (healthy, yummy, vegan and refined-sugar free)




Who does not dream of a healthy and superfood-rich nutella?

Come on! Don’t lie! I know you do love chocolate!!
Anyway.. I do… but not any kind of chocolate… I’m crazy about raw cacao and all the yummy treats you can do out of it!

Below, you’ll find the recipe for a supernutella made with raw hazelnut butter, raw cacao, coconut sugar, stevia, spices and superfoods.

Easy-peasy recipe:

Throw together in a bowl 3 table spoons of hazelnut butter, 1 table spoon of raw cacao powder, coconut sugar (according to your taste) and stevia-infused water.

And then, it’s high time you added the spices and superfoods: Vanilla, turmeric, a dash of black pepper (to intensify the turmeric’s effeciency), cinnamon, vanilla, maca and ashwaganda -all of which will prevent you from being stressed!

Toothsome and decadent!


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