Tips to get winter ready


Hey lovelies! I hope you’re well during the holiday season! For this article, I was inspired by the article I wrote for the blog of the French yogawear brand YUJ: here is the article in French.


Christmas is here! Chocolates, gingerbreads, champagne and cookies are everywhere. December is so tempting! And this is also often why we feel so heavy and uncomfortable by the beginning of January.

This year, let’s say no to hangovers and regrets and welcome the holiday season the healthy way instead! Let’s indulge in beautiful and wise treats so that we stay well and happy throughout the celebrations! Let’s get our body winter ready…

Winter time is the Vata season according to ayurvedic principles: cold, dried and windy. The cold weather dries out our skin as dries out the land. To balance this feeling, it’s interesting to favour warming, hydrating and nourishing dishes such as good fats, nutrient-dense and comforting food. Hep hep hep! No I’m not saying you should be eating all the chocolates or all the creamy cakes! Nop! It’s not what I’m talking about! I’m suggesting eating more nourishing but healthy foods such as bananas, avocado, nuts, good fats (my favorite = cold-pressed virgin coconut oil), squash and root vegetables that will keep us grounded. (sorry about the croissants and cappucino by the way…)

In Ayurveda, it’s suggested to favour sweet, salty or sour flavors to pacify the aftermath of a tough season. So let’s eat delicious and warm dishes such as soups or steamed veggies and good fats to soothe the Vata dosha.

The salt will warm and mineralize an exhausted body (try to choose a good natural sea salt or the pink Himalayan salt or seaweed). My favorite “sea-inspired” reicpe is the seaweed pesto made of  virgin olive oil, a mix of seaweeds, garlic, capers, lemon juice and apple cider vinegar. Perfect combo since you have your good fats, iodin and some garlic to fight against a bad cold.

Sweet tastes that you can find in root veggies -such as sweet potato or turnip- will nourish and ground a stressed body.

Sour food -such as capers, apple cider vinegar, citrus fruits- will stimulate the digestive fire.

During this season, I also love to spice my food with cardamon, anti-inflammatory turmeric, cinnamon, ginger or cloves.


Here are some recipes:

For a spicy and comforting breakfast, let’s combine a cup of oats, a cup of almond milk, a table spoon of coconut milk, 2 spoons of warm water, a handful of raisins, a dried fig, some spices (cardamon, cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg), some pecan nuts or hazelnuts and a teaspoon of good honey or maple sirup if you feel like it.

For a sweet and grounding dinner: The cauliflower soup with vanilla and coconut milk. In a pan, let’s stir the cauliflower and an onion with some coconut oil. Add 200 ml of coconut milk, a little bit of water and let it cook for about 10 minutes. At the end, you can sprinkle some vanilla, salt and pepper on top. Yummy and creamy!

For a delicious chai-inspired tea: Boil a rooibos tea with cardamon, cinnamon, ginger, chili, cloves, vanilla, stevia with a coconut-rice milk. über-toothsome!



For an extra cocooning feeling, don’t forget to massage body and feet with sesam oil; nourish your lips with shea butter and protect your face from the wind with some jojoba oil.


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