Morning rituals

A morning well spent brings a day of content, right?

I love having a healthy routine in the morning, so that I can boost my energy level and I’m sure I will be efficient and calm during the day… (otherwise, when I wake up late -like 5 minutes before the actual beginning of my work day- I’m cranky and ill-tempered… all day long… yeah… I can be that bad!)

Anyway… here are some of my tips to start the day on the right foot:

– Ok… well.. first, I try to actually wake up… and then I stretch as if I were a cat and I yawn as if I were a dog!

– Then: Oil pulling. Wait? What?! Yes, I rinse my mouth with coconut oil or sesame oil or sunflower oil every morning for 15 to 20 minutes. I do it on an empty stomach. The purpose is to cleanse my teeth, my gums and well… to get rid ot the bacteria in my mouth…After the 20 minutes, I spit the oil in the toilet (and oh dear Lord! not the sink!!! otherwise the oil could clog it up) and then brush my tongue with a tongue scraper and I brush my teeth.

– As I cannot speak for 20 minutes and cannot eat… I have to find something else to do: I would do some sun salutations, handstands or I would focus on an intention for the day and on positive thoughts (looking forward to my Mysore practise for instance…)

– After the oil-pulling and handstands ceremony, Idrink a big glass of warm water with a dash of lemon juice, some ginger and cinnamon. And then, an herbal tea (stinging nettle and fennel for instance)

– As I usually wake up at 5:45am, I have time to go to my Ashtanga Yoga Studio for a 2 hour-long Mysore practise at 7am. If I wake up too late: I will go for a run for 45 minutes.

– As I never eat before the Mysore practise, I bring some fruits or nuts to snack on at work afterwards. And I always take a green shot with me (basically = filtered water + wheatgrass powder + spirulina).

– Otherwirse, during week-ends or when I wake up later: I’ll take a green or pink juice and a smoothie made with greens, berries, banana or persimmon and other yummy superfoods (such as this one or this one)!

And of course… I never forget to smile!!!! A key ingredient to a good day!

So cheer up pumpkins and enjoy every single day of your beautiful life!!


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