Hello pumpkins! How are you dealing with the cold weather so far?

Around me, I can see (and hear) a lot of people getting sick. And as I don’t want to catch a cold, I work on strengthening my immune system to keep the mean viruses at bay!

Below are my tricks to transform my immune system into Super(healthy)woman… Try them and let me know if you feel rejuvenated.

1- First and foremost, I do my best to stay hydrated (drink baby drink!). To keep things interesting, I mix between herbal teas, cold-pressed juices (eg: green or pink) or thai soups.

2- Then, I’ll get my fill of vitamin C munching on tangerines, grapefruits, kiwis or red bell peppers! My body will stay alert. No virus will be able to weaken it then!

3- I often overindulge in leafy greens in winter as they are rich in fibers, minerals and vitamins… to keep everything going.  I love them in cold-pressed juices (I also love the Nubio brand in Paris), in smoothies and in salads!

4- When I really feel under the weather, I will take some good-quality zinc supplements (with my doctor’s approval of course! :p ). Otherwise, let’s enjoy some pumpkin seeds: yes dear! they are naturally rich in zinc. I enjoy them as my salad  or soup toppings. Yummy yum!

5- Ok… now.. something less glamorous: I will fill my plates with antibacterial garlic (not on a romantic dinner of course.. otherwise you take the risk of watching your date running away as soon as you open your mouth!) and anti-inflammatory turmeric.

6- To purify and clean my mouth and throat, I love the Ballot Flurin Propolis spray. In winter, it’s my best friend!

7- I also often do a cure of Echinacea drink to help my poor immune system fight against all the evil germs!

8- And, of course, I strive to keep practising yoga so that my body remain fit and my mind stay sound and happy! To me, Yoga is necessary to get health on track!


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