Papaya Girl

Guess what guys! Smiling and laughing are a good way to balance our hormones and make us feel happy!

I’m reading a book about health and hormones by Dr Jacky Thouin in which he explains how laughing helps the body release “happy” hormones such as serotonin, endorphins, oxytocin. These chemicals are also the ones produced when you are in love or when you are doing something you like (such as doing sports, soaking in the sun or enjoying a spa day).

And even when you “force” yourself to laugh or smile, the same effects are produced: Your body will secrete the very chemicals produced when you are experiencing pleasure. Being happy makes us smile. The other way is true as well: Laughing or smiling helps us feel good.

So go ahead, and move the corners of your lips up… Here you go! You’re smiling lovelies! Take the time to feel all the alterations of your biochemistry. Slowly and slowly this will help you fall into a state of wellness and happiness.

Side note: The chemicals produced when you are happy are the very ones that would attract potential love mates. Yep! Happiness is attractive!


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