Coeur - Fanny

We seem to be all so busy today. We crave for multitasking and achieving more and doing everything quicker.

But in this race against the time, we often forget to nurture the moments spent with people, may them be our family, our friends, our partner, our acquaintances or even ourselves… (How much time a day are we REALLY spending on self-care, i.e. on CONSCIOUSLY doing something we love, something we are passionate about?)

To me, the biggest gift anyone can give to somebody (or to oneself) today is the gift of presence: Being totally there – physically and consciously- for the person in front of us, the person we are spending time with.

So, for the week to come, I challenge us (yep! That’s right, I’m challenging myself as well!) to:

1- Make time for ourselves or a friend, a family member, or another person we care about. Let’s give our precious time: Schedule a date. Maintain it. Show up.

2- Pay attention to what the other person says. Pay attention to our interaction. Turn off our phone, email, WhatsApp, and all the other social media apps. Let’s focus on the individual in front of us. If we decide to make time for ourselves, we shall do the same thing: UNPLUG and enjoy the time that we are giving ourselves.

3- Be authentic. Let’s listen. Let’s ask questions about their well-being, their dreams, their plans and their fears.  Let’s show genuine interest. Do the same thing if you have decided to focus on self-care: What is our biggest dream? What does make our heart soar? Why are we afraid to go for it?

4- Have a positive attitude. Show the other person his own worth and strengths.

5- And as always… never forget to laugh… Keep it simple, keep it natural. It’s not healthy to be too serious all the time!

And… let’s see the difference our conscious interactions are making in our connection to ourselves or to the people we love and care about.



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