Chin Stand - Champ Fleuri - Butte

When you do yoga, you will happen to hear the words Abhyasa (Practice) and Vairagya (Detachment). In the Yoga Sutras, Patanjali says that we have to develop practice and detachment, in order to progress on our yoga journey.

We should always practice consistently and with enthusiasm. It can be about our yoga practice, about implementing yoga in our everyday life by being a better person (working on ourselves every single minute of each day) , about our life dream (doing something towards our dream everyday without giving up), about our relationships (we should try and practice being a better friend, a better partner, etc).

But, we should not be attached to the outcome (of the practice or effort). We should learn to enjoy the journey of the practice, learn to remain consistent no matter how slow the progress is coming or no matter how quickly good we become.

This philosophy can help with a lot of things. Here are my “work-in-progress” elements:

  • I practice yoga almost everyday with curiosity: I’m trying to improve my forearm balances, my handstands and my “leg-behind-the-leg” asanas. But I try not to be attached to the results: Even if I don’t remain long in my forearmstand, or handstand, I’m satisfied with what I’ve dared to accomplish. I am enjoying the journey. I won’t be grumpy if I’m not arriving at the destination.
  • I practice being a good friend or partner but I try to stay detached from the way the other person feel about me (yay… I try). I know I do not own the other person, I cannot force him to care more, I cannot wish for her to change. I want to love the people close to me exactly the way they are.
  • I’m trying to work towards my dreams without any expectations. Doing a little bit of research on that, networking with one or two people, lauching a little personal project, etc. I’m not expecting it to work right away. I try to be patient. (Well, to be honest, I should work a little more towards them… :p ).

But, as we learn, being detached does not mean not caring … hence the importance of practicing everyday.


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