Mmm.. who would say no to chocolate?! Nobody! Because… well… it’s chocolate!!!
And ok, like everything good thing in life, quantity does not matter here… but quality does!
When cooking or eating chocolate, I use raw cacao or really dark chocolate (like 80% to 100% cacao).
This muffin is rich, soft and really sweet thanks to the sugar free apple sauce, which replaces butter or oil.
I tried to use as little flour as I could : Instead I blended some almonds and some oats to create a nutritious dough. I added a little bit of tapioca powder and baking soda for some extra fluffiness.

Let me know what YOU think!

50g of ground almonds
50g of ground oats (gluten free)
4 table spoons of tapioca flour
1 teaspoon of baking soda
25g of raw cacao powder (without sugar) / (you can use carob powder if you are sensitive to raw cacao)
40 to 50g of rapadura raw sugar or coconut sugar (I don’t like my cakes being too sweet, this is why I would put 40g of sugar instead of 50… YOUR call!).
180g of sugar free apple sauce
1 big pinch of good quality sea salt (I use French sea salt from Guerande or Himalayan salt)
1 teaspoon of vanilla powder (I love the one from Reunion Island)
1 big organic free range egg
Optional: Pieces of dark chocolate (I use chocolate with 98% cacao) + Keep some whole almonds on the side.

How to: 
1- Preheat the oven to 180°C / 350°F.
2- In a bowl, combine the ground almonds, the ground oats, the sifted tapioca flour, the cacao powder and the baking soda.
3- Add the sugar, the vanilla powder and the sea salt. Mix everything again.
4- And finally add the egg and the apple sauce. Combine everything together.
5- Pour your chocolate mixture into a non-stick muffin or cake tin .
6- Optional : You can “hide” a piece of dark chocolate and 1 whole almond in the middle of your muffin for some extra yumminess. The heart of the muffin will melt and crunch at the same time!
7- Bake it for 25 to 30 minutes.
8- Let it cool before savouring it!



Recipe : Cantaloupe, Fig and (vegan) Mozzarella Caprese Salad



What a scrumptious recipe for summer! Fresh, juicy and flavourful!

All you need are:
1 cantaloupe, halved and seeded

3 figs, quartered

1 cup of vegan mozzarella

¼ cup basil leaves, thinly sliced

¼ cup mint leaves, thinly sliced

3 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil

1½ tablespoons honey

1 tablespoon white balsamic vinegar

Himalayan  salt and ground black pepper to taste


Cut the fruits and mozzarella into small pieces (or use a melon baller to scoop balls from the cantaloupe  – if you have a melon baller that is).

Throw everything into a bowl.

Add the basil and mint leaves, the salt and pepper, the balsamic, olive oil and honey dressing.


RECIPE: CAYENNE AND HIMALAYAN SALT FUDGE (Vegan, Gluten-free and refined sugar-free)


Best thing ever!!!! My father (who is a non-vegan and who  is fond of treats) even told me that he loved it. And I can assure you that it’s not easy to satisfy him with my healthy/vegan/green cooking. But this… this… he ate almost the all fudge by himself!

The fudge is really sweet, rich and moist thanks to the carob, banana and pear. And the sugar-free glaze is spicy, savory and bitter with the cayenne pepper, Himalayan salt and raw cacao powder. The contrast is toothsome. All in all, you’re in for a treat, believe me!

Ingredients for the fudge:

100g of buckwheat flour

100g of ground gluten-free oats

25g of chestnut flour

5 tablespoons of carob powder

5 tablespoons of pure cacao powder

2 big and ripe bananas

1 pear

6 tablespoons of pure agave syrup

8 tablespoons of coconut milk

4 tablespoons of flaxseeds

3 teaspoons of cayenne pepper (more if you like it hot!)

Himalayan Pink Salt

For the glaze:

2 tablespoons of coconut milk

1 tablespoon of coconut oil

1 tablespoon of raw caocao powder

1 tablespoon of raw carob powder

1 teaspooon of cayenne pepper

Himalayan pink salt

Pre-heat the oven at 200°C.

Put all the ingredients for the brownie in the food processor.

Oil a tin with some good coconut oil.

Bake it for 25 minutes at 185°C.

Once the fudge has cooled down, you can spread the glaze all over it (first you will have mixed all the ingredients together of course!).

Enjoy!!!! And I promise you will!

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Yoga reveals our weaknesses, our fears and subsequently enables us to acknowledge and face them.

This morning, during my Mysore practise, I realized that my mind wanted to prevent me from doing an asana out of fear!

After practising backbends I usually do dropbacks. But today, I didn’t want to do it. I was looking for excuses not to do it: “My back feels weak today. My harmstrings are a little bit tense. Bla bla bla!!”

I didn’t know why. Then I just paused. I said.. wait.. what’s happening now?

I remembered that some days ago I almost fainted after practising my dropbacks routine (because I didn’t have enough sleep the night before. Nothing too serious). I’m used to it normally. I’ve never been afraid of practising dropbacks.

How come then that I’ve been trying to avoid this practise for the last 2 days?

I realised that I was afraid of getting hurt, of fainting or falling. I almost got hit last time so now my brain is in protection mode. It doesn’t want me to fall or to have an accident.

But the thing is.. I fainted for another reason (the lack of sleep), not because of the dropback.

Anyway enough said about the dropbacks. The thing I wanted to point out here is that sometimes we find excuses not to do something out of fear. And if we don’t take the time to ask ourselves why we do not want to try, we will not know it’s because of past fears or past traumas that have nothing to do with the present moment.

This can be applied to a lot of situations I guess:

– When we’ve been cheated on once, it’s sometimes easier to mistrust everybody rather than giving somebody the chance to win our trust.

– When you’ve failed at an exam, you can think it’s the end of the world. You don’t want to give the exam another shot for fear of disappointing people and yourself.

– When you lost somebody you loved, it can be easier to refuse yourself from feeling anything, from giving your heart or your friendship.

But what if all these injuries and wounds were ways to learn how to go on being patient, to move on, to get stronger and… later on to do better?

We cannot change what happened in the past. We cannot change the fact that we felt pain. But, we can change the way we see these events. We can change the meaning we give to the injuries.

What if those pains were a means to empower ourselves and show us that we can recover. Rather than trying to avoid being hurt, let’s go outside and live! Pain teaches us that we have the strength within us to overcome a lot of things!

We fell? So what? Now we know how to be careful, how to fall without hurting us. We’ve been cheated on? Yep but now we may know whom to give our trust to, we know we have the power to walk away from the wrong person instead of clinging to this person. We are strong enough to claim our worth back.

We should strive to get passed these fears so that we do not hide ourselves behind our insecurities.

ADRENAL NUTELLA (healthy, yummy, vegan and refined-sugar free)




Who does not dream of a healthy and superfood-rich nutella?

Come on! Don’t lie! I know you do love chocolate!!
Anyway.. I do… but not any kind of chocolate… I’m crazy about raw cacao and all the yummy treats you can do out of it!

Below, you’ll find the recipe for a supernutella made with raw hazelnut butter, raw cacao, coconut sugar, stevia, spices and superfoods.

Easy-peasy recipe:

Throw together in a bowl 3 table spoons of hazelnut butter, 1 table spoon of raw cacao powder, coconut sugar (according to your taste) and stevia-infused water.

And then, it’s high time you added the spices and superfoods: Vanilla, turmeric, a dash of black pepper (to intensify the turmeric’s effeciency), cinnamon, vanilla, maca and ashwaganda -all of which will prevent you from being stressed!

Toothsome and decadent!

Keep It Spicy

Keep It Spicy

Dear people, last week I wrote a post for YUJ’s French blog. You can find the translation below.



Hello yoginis ! Today YUJ takes you to places far far away… YUJ takes you to eastern regions to talk about… spices. Spices, really? Yes! Since spices are real tasty and healthy marvels! They have potent powers: They can enhance any kind of food, can entertain your taste buds and are remedies against everyday’s aches (such as indigestion, acidity, muscle cramps, etc).

Below you will find a small selection of spices which are not only delicious, but also endowed with interesting health properties! Happy (and tasty) reading!


Cinnamon has a sweet and pungent taste that allies well with both sweet and savoury dishes. Cinnamon is well-known to ensure a healthy blood flow and to help the body purify (while creating heat in the digestive system, it subsequently stimulates digestion). Cinnamon is said to stabilize the blood sugar level as well: It could then be a delicious  slimness ally!

Cardamon is a versatile spice like cinnamon: It can nicely compliment both savoury food, beverages and/or desserts! Cardamon is supposed to soothe stomachaches or digestion issues, to regulate blood sugar levels like cinnamon, and to pacify heartburns.

Coriander (leaves, seeds or in powder) is often used in ayurvedic medicine. It is likely to balance the body and mind: to start fresh both physically and mentally then. Isn’t it beautiful? Coriander also has detoxifying properties… so be generous: Sprinkle it on every of your dishes!

Turmeric, also known as India’s saffran, has a sour -maybe astringent- taste, but once it is combined with a food, its delicious aroma is enhanced! The health benefits of turmeric have been talked about a lot lately: rich in antioxidants and in anti-inflammatory properties; turmeric may help to strengthen the immune system, it may help clean the liver, help fight against cancerous cells and maintain joints in good health -this property can prove very helpful for people addicted to dynamic yoga … such as Ahstanga -. So let’s go! Sprinkle and savor this golden root!

Ginger is a warm and flavorful spice! This root is believed to sooth indigestion and to calm down stomachaches. It may also boost metabolism and maintain the breathing system happy. Its aroma will wonderfully compliment your teas, veggie stews, rice and or sweet dishes!

And now… here are some easy recipes for which you will need one or more of the susmentionned spices:

Fall smoothie: In a vitamix or blender, mix a kaki, a pear, the juice of one lemon and half a teaspoon of cinnamon. Yummy!

Chai tea: Heat a rice and coconut milk. Infuse cinnamon, some rooibos tea and cardamon in it. Then, you can add a teaspoon of raw cacao powder, some stevia or palm sugar or some honey.

Jasmine and cardamon green tea: Infuse some Lov Organic Jasmin green tea with cardamon seeds and you will have the impression that you are cruising along the Vietnamese coasts.

Lemon and ginger herbal tea: Add grated fresh ginger (one thumb of ginger) to 2 cups of water. Boil it for 10 minutes. Add a little bit of lemon juice and some honey (once the tea has cooled down so that you won’t lose the nutrients of the honey).

Detow dressing: Add to your homemade dressing some coriander (in powder or the leaves), some bear garlic … so that you have a nice detox boost while eating your salads.

You can also add to your brown rice turmeric and cinnamon. You can eat it with some steamed vegetables (such as zucchinis, carrots, brocolis, turnips), some coconut milk (flavored with spices such as coriander, pepper, turmeric and salt).

Voilà ! It’s high time that you spiced your dishes… and your life at the same time!